with Saul Edelstein

The Edelsteins, A Legacy
Saul Edelstein talks about life in a family of lawyers, working with his father and then partnering with his two sons, and why lawyers are really just lazy doctors.

Brooklyn Sherpa
Saul discusses the idiosyncrasies of Brooklyn and why they awarded him Sherpa Status


Crazy Eddie
Saul remembers the case of Crazy Eddie's divorce that resulted in a "#$%& You" to the judge and an FBI search around the world.


The Lawyer and his Hot Dog
Saul explains why he'd rather eat a hot dog then look like a mortician. 

Court Street Lawyer
Saul explains the difference between Wall Street and Court Street and why he's proud of his Brooklyn heritage.


Jewish Interpreter
Saul recalls a classic New York War Story with a fellow Brooklynite. Gefilte fish anyone?

AIDS Phobia